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Ada County Lincoln Day

It was my pleasure to introduce the speaker for the Ada Co. Lincoln Day Banquet, Dr. Scott Yenor.


Welcome to my online office. Please take time take a look around. I love hearing from my constituents so feel free to drop me an email at to let me know how I am doing or what issue is on your mind.

Note to my constituents

For the last nine years I have had the privilege of serving you, the citizens of District 13 in the Idaho Legislature, District 13 comprises most of south Nampa. I am a 3rd generation Idahoan, and as such I understand the problems faced by our state in these times of economic uncertainty. When I first ran for this seat, I promised to protect your family, freedom, and finances, a promise which I have kept over the last 98 years. While in the Legislature, I passed into law in 2007 the Woman’s Right to View Act, which gave a women the right to view an ultrasound of her baby if they wished. In 2011, I passed the Fetal Pain Bill which prohibits any abortions after 20 weeks old, because at that point the baby can feel pain. In addition to this, I also took part in the effort to persuade Congress to pass the Parental Rights Amendment, which ensures that the parents of a child will have the first say in matters regarding their child. In 2011, I co-sponsored and supported House Bill 117, commonly known as the Nullification Bill, which would have prohibited the enforcement of Obamacare in the state of Idaho. I feel strongly that the Federal government is overreaching its Constitutional authority and I have fought throughout my time in the Legislature to limit their power and keep Idaho free from Federal control. In 2008, I co-sponsored a bill to help eliminate the Personal Property Tax in the state of Idaho, thereby easing the burden that this tax places upon business owners. In 2012 I helped pass House Bill 563, which lowered the personal income tax for all individuals who make over $20,000. During my time in the Legislature, Idaho has had a balanced budget, put money into a rainy day fund for our schools, and has lowered the income tax for both individuals and corporations. As you can see, I have stood by the promise I made to you the voters. I have diligently worked to protect Idaho families and to uphold traditional values. I have been at the forefront of the fight to keep Idaho free from an overreaching Federal Government. Finally, I have labored to always protect your finances. I would appreciate your vote on Election Day . Thank you for allowing me to serve you in the Idaho House of Representatives.

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